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Be amongst the top rankers in coding competitions. No matter how is your coding skill right now, if you have the zeal we can help you master competitive programming.



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Every computer science student dreams of being in the list of top coders around the world but unfortunately, only 1% could make it there. The reason could be many and through this course, you will overcome all those reasons to master competitive and top rank list in all coding competitions. The most amazing thing is you will not be alone in your journey, you have a mentor to guide you throughout the journey. We understand your current coding skills and take you from there.
Personalised Program
Personalised ProgramMaster your skills from where you are, with India's only personalised program
Expert Mentors
Expert MentorsGet career guidance, mentorship, time management strategies from industry experts
50+ Hours of Videos
50+ Hours of VideosRecorded video lectures by experts to help you understand the concepts easily
20+ Live Coding Sessions
20+ Live Coding Sessions Code live and get mentorship with the top-rated coders of the country.
250+ Coding Questions
250+ Coding QuestionsBest way to master a language is by coding in the language
40+ Coding quizes
40+ Coding quizesSmall quizzes after every topic to give you a quick check on your understandings
Quick Doubt Resolution
Quick Doubt ResolutionGet your doubts cleared by coding experts and have a smooth learning
Get Certified
Get CertifiedGet recognized on course completion with highly reputed PrepBytes certificates

Language Fundamentals (You can choose any one of C/C++/Java/Python in the course)

  • fileC/C++/Java/Python Overview
  • fileLogic Building
  • fileData Types
  • fileLoops and Conditions
  • filePattern Programming
  • fileOperators and Expressions
  • fileInput/Output
  • fileFunctions
  • fileFunctions and OOPs(Python)
  • filePointers(C/C++)
  • fileArrays
  • fileStructures
  • fileCharacter Arrays and Strings
  • fileRecursion
  • fileBit Manipulation
  • fileSTLs(C++)
  • fileCollections (Java)
  • fileSet, List, Tuples, Dictionary(Python)

Data Structures and Algorithms

  • fileLinked List
  • fileStacks
  • fileQueues
  • fileTrees
  • fileHeaps
  • fileGraphs
  • fileSegment Trees
  • fileSearching
  • fileSorting
  • fileHashing
  • fileIntro to DS/Algo
  • fileTime Complexity
  • fileBack Tracking
  • fileDivide & Conquer
  • fileGreedy Algorithms
  • fileDynamic Programming
  • fileString Matching Algorithms

Competitive Maths

  • filePrime Numbers
  • filePermutation & Combinations
  • fileGCD
  • fileLCM
  • fileProbablities
  • fileNumber Theory
  • fileModular Arithmetic
  • fileBinary Exponention
  • fileMatrix Exponentiation
  • fileGame Theory
  • fileComputational Geometry

Course Mentor


Co-Founder, PrepBytes

Mamta has a great passion for coding and motivates students to pursue coding. Her mission is to use her knowledge and expertise to help students get placed in their dream company.


Mentor, PrepBytes

Aveek is a Technical Content Engineer / Mentor at PrepBytes and has mentored more than 2500 students to date. His teaching methodology is very engaging and highly appreciated by students


SDE, Google

Virali is one of the top coders of the country. She has mentored thousands of students at PrepBytes and has motivated them to think big and achieve big.

Prerequisites & Who all should buy this course?

Coding Interviews, College Exams, Coding Competitions - you name it.This program will help you excel in everything you do.

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If you want to start your competitve coding journey from scratch and be a top rated coder, then this course if for you.

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TestimonialsWhat our Students Say

Shivam Gupta

My coding experience has improved very much. After joining the program, I am able to write optimized code. The mentors are very helpful. They are always concerned about the students and they explain really well. The lectures are also very simple to understand and gives a clear idea.


Shivani Ravi

PrepBytes have helped me improve my analytical skills & helped me in all the ways possible. My understanding of questions and logic has also increased. The best thing about PrepBytes are the lectures, it is so simple and everything is explained with examples.


Abhishek Kumar

Lectures are up to the mark, concepts are crystal clear by the mentors. And the best part about the course is weekly assignments were provided to us which were not just good but ensuring that we were understanding the concepts but also improved our coding skills considerably.

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