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Can you solve these questions?

Which of the following loops will execute the body of loop even when condition controlling the loop is initially false?

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What our Students have to say

Datta Mortha

Enrolled in ZenithPlaced in Amazon

I got placed in Amazon, thanks PrepBytes for your help. My mentor was very helpful and has been very particular about my preparation through out, even if I would miss out something she would point it out which helped me in preparing better.

Enrolled in Zenith Placement ProgramPlaced in SAP Labs

I enrolled in PrepBytes Zenith Placement Program to get help in placement preparations for tech giants and got placed in SAP labs. I got a mentor who was very knowledgeable & guided me throughout my placement journey. She explained everything very precisely and clearly & helped me with my doubts and coding problems. Regular mock interviews also helped me a lot in gaining confidence. I thank PrepBytes for their effort.
Shivani Ravi

Enrolled in Zenith Placement ProgramPlaced in Surya Software Systems

PrepBytes have helped me improve my analytical skills. They have helped me in all the ways possible. The understanding of questions and logic has also increased. Now I can solve questions and understand the logic. The best thing about PrepBytes is the video lecture, it is so simple and everything is explained with examples. The mentors are really good and helpful.
Jyoti Kanwar

Enrolled in Master Data Structures and Algorithms Course

After enrolling into the program, I began coding constantly, else it is very difficult to explicitly find time to code while working. So the best part about this program, you are completely engaged with coding assignments. The best part about PrepBytes is the live coding session. Where we share our logic among various coders over the channel and get to know where we went wrong. Exactly which data structures to use that also gets cleared, when the mentor discusses the approach to crack the problem. my confidence has boosted up a lot which has brought a positive impact and now I am not afraid to read the coding questions anymore.
Shivam Gupta

Enrolled in 60 days to Expert Coder Program

My coding experience has improved very much. After joining the program, I am able to write optimized code. PrepBytes have made me regular in coding, it has helped me increase my confidence. Now I don’t fear from coding questions and solving them. The mentors are very helpful. They are always concerned about the students and they explain really well. The video lectures are also very simple to understand and gives a clear idea.
Mohith Eshwar

Enroll in 60 days to Expert Coder Program

The transition from the thought of 'knowing the syntaxes is important to solve a problem' to 'logic building is the one on which I need to work more to solve a problem' was made clear through the PrepBytes program of 60 days to an expert coder. I was guided with the necessary programming basics for solving different types of problems but my confidence built up only after solving coding questions in every topic that has been taught. PrepBytes provided me with a weekly schedule of the topics and the problems to be solved accordingly with a word to word interaction at every point, which never let my confidence to fade. When I'm ready to work, Prepbytes never seized to help me or ignore me at any point of the course time. Mentors keep track of my progress and the problems I'm solving to guide me further.
Vibudh Vishal

Enrolled in Zenith Placement Program

My coding has improved immensely after getting enrolled in PrepBytes.They make sure that you understand the basics first and then jump to tough questions. I feel quite confident with many topics after taking this course. There has been a good amount of development in my confidence because of having solved different varieties of questions and learning different techniques. My mentor is Mamta ma’am. She is good at explaining your doubts and motivating you to keep on doing your assignments regularly.
Kanika Kala

Enrolled in Zenith Placement ProgramPlaced in Microsoft

Yes. It is extremely useful. PrepBytes team is very helpful, experienced and skilled. It is one of the best Placement programs for IT companies. As an Engineering fresher, I found it really helpful. I enrolled for zenith program in April 2019 and I got placed on campus Microsoft in August 2019. There are many live sessions which are really awesome. All the important subjects like Algorithms, Data Structure, Database Management System, Operating System, English and Aptitude all are covered.
Abhishek Kumar

Enrolled in Zenith Placement ProgramPlaced in Tek System

I enroll in Zenith Placement Program. Before joining the course I had basic ideas of Array, Recursion and DS but after enrolling in this program my coding skills has increased considerably. The video lectures are up to the mark, concepts are crystal clear by the mentors. And the best part about the course is weekly assignments were provided to us which were not just good but ensuring that we were understanding the concepts but also improved our coding skills considerably. Apart from this, I also solved a lot of aptitude questions which were given to me in the course again. Thank you PrepBytes.

Enrolled in Master Data Structures and Algorithms Course

I am a student of B.Tech from CS background. I wanted to get placed in Amazon but I didn't have any idea from where to start to reach upto the level I wanted to be. PrepBytes showed me the right direction. They started from very basics and increase the level time to time. Contents of the lectures provided are very informative. It focuses on every small concept. Each and every doubt are resolved on time. There are also live sessions where we interact with the mentor and solve the questions. I must recommend going for PrepBytes.

Enrolled in Master Competitive Programming

As a beginner in competitive programming, every individual faces difficulty in solving problems and most of them stuck and give up eventually. This is how PrepBytes worked for me they provide you with selected problems having all kind of variations which will help you to master competitive programming in short interval of time and increases your throughput.
Sonu Kumar Gupta

Enrolled in 60 Days to Expert Coder Program

PrepBytes program gave me a good start. The weekly plan and assignments provided were amazing. The weekly assignment helped me to maintain discipline. I started competitive programming in may after joining 60-day expert coder and it helped me a lot in increasing my confidence. Mentors were very helpful and they solved each and every doubt on time. Video lectures provided by PrepBytes explains all the concepts in the easiest possible way. Support provided by the mentors is amazing. They always explain and clear all doubts in an amazing way. I am now rated 1627 on Codechef within 2 months of the programme.
Koustav Ghosh

Enrolled in Zenith Placement Program

After a long break from competitive programming, I needed revision. I also needed clarification on a few concepts. The customized training module created by my mentor helped me revise the concepts and I'm doing better in the topics which used to be my weak areas. I like the way how the mentors kept me pushing while solving a problem. Also when I'm stuck I got the direction in order to think about the approach for solving the problem. I am thankful for the efforts of Mamta mam as my mentor in this course and I can not thank her enough. Also, the sessions on problem-solving approaches by all the mentors through the webinars have been really helpful. Cracking the challenging interviews in the top tech companies will be a great prize for me as an outcome of this course because this is one of my goals to achieve.


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