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Recursive Staircase Problem - Amazon Interview Question - Recursive to Dynamic Programming approach
Can you solve these questions?

Which of the following loops will execute the body of loop even when condition controlling the loop is initially false?

5 Mistakes to avoid during a Coding Interview
Knowingly or Unknowingly Student’s commit different mistakes during their coding interview which can affect the results. You have well prepared for your interview, now it is time to check these mistakes and ensure you don’t commit them in your coding interview...
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How can a Non-CSE student get placed IT/Software company in 2-3 months?
This blog is of great use for students who are from Non CSE branch and still have 2-3 months in hand before they appear for their dream company. Even if companies have started visiting your campus; DON’T WORRY..
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Infosys Campus Placement Experience Set 1
Aptitude test is first round from where elimination begins. This blog tells how you can crack aptitude tests during your placements.Earlier, Infosys used to have single criteria to clear this test round. A particular cut-off was made (which isn't made public to students...
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What our Students have to say

Datta Mortha

Enrolled in ZenithPlaced in Amazon

I got placed in Amazon, thanks PrepBytes for your help. My mentor was very helpful and has been very particular about my preparation through out, even if I would miss out something she would point it out which helped me in preparing better.

Enrolled in Zenith Placement ProgramPlaced in SAP Labs

I enrolled in PrepBytes Zenith Placement Program to get help in placement preparations for tech giants and got placed in SAP labs. I got a mentor who was very knowledgeable & guided me throughout my placement journey. She explained everything very precisely and clearly & helped me with my doubts and coding problems. Regular mock interviews also helped me a lot in gaining confidence. I thank PrepBytes for their effort.
Shivani Ravi

Enrolled in Zenith Placement ProgramPlaced in Surya Software Systems

PrepBytes have helped me improve my analytical skills. They have helped me in all the ways possible. The understanding of questions and logic has also increased. Now I can solve questions and understand the logic. The best thing about PrepBytes is the video lecture, it is so simple and everything is explained with examples. The mentors are really good and helpful.
Jyoti Kanwar

Enrolled in Master Data Structures and Algorithms Course

After enrolling into the program, I began coding constantly, else it is very difficult to explicitly find time to code while working. So the best part about this program, you are completely engaged with coding assignments. The best part about PrepBytes is the live coding session. Where we share our logic among various coders over the channel and get to know where we went wrong. Exactly which data structures to use that also gets cleared, when the mentor discusses the approach to crack the problem. my confidence has boosted up a lot which has brought a positive impact and now I am not afraid to read the coding questions anymore.