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How to start coding for beginners

Last Updated on April 14, 2022 by Ria Pathak

Ah! The most popular phase nowadays. Right? Coding has now become an important subject in itself. It not only helps you to clear your thinking process but also increases your efficiency in solving problems. So, what is coding and why is this getting so popular?

With the transition from offline to more online programs, works, transactions software has taken over the whole lifestyle of people. Today there are apps for each and every purpose and quite everything has shifted to online mode. This requires only one thing – codes!


Coding is just like any other language which is used to communicate with a computer and perform some tasks. But is this necessary for everyone? Well, if you are someone with high aspirations and want to be a part of this virtual development, then coding can give you immense power to create applications and contribute to millions of people.

How can you get started with it?

Like any other means of communication, coding too has various languages. You can get started with any one of the languages like Java, C, JavaScript, python, Cpp etc. Try to explore few of these and get to know the pros and cons like Java is mainly for backend development, microservice development, C is for operating system, interpreters etc., python has huge part in Machine Learning, Data analysis, Cpp has extensive use in databases, system applications, game development, JavaScript is used for web application development. Even after this you want to get the zeal of problem solving you can also dive into the world of competitive programming where you can compete with people all over the world in solving problems, building applications in hackathons etc.

Moreover, if you want to get started in the field of software development and to crack software interviews coding is the way.


Let me jot down the road map for this –

  • Competitive Coding: Choose a language and start learning in depth Data structure and algorithms of it. Try to solve at least 30 questions from each topic to get a hold your skills and to get comfortable in that language. There are various sites where can you take part in these competitions and get the zeal of competing with people all around the world. I am also mentioning some of the links which might help you.

  • Application development: Mostly an OOP language like Java is always better for this purpose as most of the development-oriented activities require in-depth knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structure and Algorithms. Even knowledge about frameworks can be handy with projects. The best way to hone skills in this is by developing individual projects.

  • Machine Learning/Data Science: This is quite a popular theme these days. Mostly python, R is used in this field and also your mathematical skills will come handy.

No matter which field you choose to endeavour, coding is necessary. There are a lot of resources to learn from including free and paid courses too. I will suggest to start with free resources like gfg, freecodecamp and then move into paid course as these courses are well organised and will be best accumulated and absorbed when you have a bit of understanding of basics itself.

Start with a simple hello world! Program and then read about various data structures, their properties, methods etc, to use them extensively whenever you can. Eventually you will need to use of specific algorithms to optimise codes, to make programs smooth and resilient. Even a simple calculator or to-do application can boost confidence. Hopefully you will get interested into it and like the feel of actually solving an executing the programs.

You can always check out the awesome courses at PrepBytes which will definitely clear your concepts and even help you get started with any language basics.

This article tried to discuss How to start coding for beginners. Hope this blog helps you understand the concept. To practice more problems you can check out MYCODE | Competitive Programming.

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