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Top 30 Wipro interview questions for freshers

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Aveek

In this tutorial, we will be discussing Wipro interview questions for freshers and experienced. If you have the talent, passion, and ability to work, able to work on cutting-edge technologies then Wipro is the right place for you.
One of the easiest work we have to do for you is we have mentioned which questions are frequently asked.

H2- About Wipro:
Wipro Limited stands for western India palm refined oils limited which was founded by "M.H. Hasham Premji" on 29 December 1945. Wipro is the western India Product Company, and it has come into existence with a business unit of vegetable oil. Later on, it diversified into manufacturing soaps and other products. Wipro ventured into the IT industry in 1981.
Wipro uses robots, cloud, analytics, automation, cognitive computing, etc.

This article will help you to understand the Wipro interview questions that are actually asked by the interviewers. And before going through the Wipro interview questions candidates have to understand the aspiration to join the WIPRO.

H2- Eligibility Criteria for Software Development in Wipro:

B.E / B.Tech in all streams (ME/CIVIL/CSE/EEE etc.)
The candidate should have more than 60% marks throughout the academics.
The candidate shouldn’t carry any current backlogs at the time of appearing for the Wipro selection process.
The graduation must be a Full-Time course recognized by the Central/State government of India.

H2- Wipro Recruitment Process
Normally, there are three rounds of selection:
Online assessment round
Technical Interview round
HR interview round

H2- Wipro Interview Rounds
The following interview rounds are conducted by Wipro for the software developer.
H3- Aptitude Round

In the aptitude round, there are 3 sections i.e Quantitative, Logical and Verbal. There are about 50-60 questions and the time for this round will be 50 minutes or so.

No. of Questions

16 mins.
14 mins.
18 mins.

H3- Essay Writing Round

There is no such syllabus for essay writing as you will be assigned a topic right there and then.

The Wipro essay should be able to cover the following::

It should be well-written and well-structured.
Proper phrasing (punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors should be checked).
Ideas should be unique and creative.
Vocabulary should be top-notch.

One of the pieces of advice would be to proofread your content before submitting it and avoid any silly mistakes like spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and maintain the length, and punctuation errors.

H3- Technical Round

To pass this round, you must be good in your fundamentals. It will be simple for you to pass the round if you are familiar with the core concepts like Operating systems, computer networking, OOPs, etc. Because there is no set rule or subject from which questions will be asked, you must be good at the fundamentals. The time for this round will be of 60 minutes.

To make you ease, just make sure you prepare on these topics:

Current Technological Trends.
OOPs Concepts.
Programming language-oriented topics.
Data Structures.

H3- HR Interview

HR Interview round is the final stage in selecting a candidate for employment since it helps identify an applicant’s personality. Questions may be asked from your introduction to your qualifications, your experience, your pay expectations, your industry-specific experience, strengths and weaknesses, friends and family, and so on.

H2- Wipro HR Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself.
This is the universal question asked at the very first of any interview. It sounds easy, right? But this is the most important question where the candidates fail to create an impression with the interviewer as most of the time they are not aware of what exactly needs to be said.
Some tips to answer this question:
Do not ask the interviewer what he wants to know about you. You may be asking genuinely, but that just sounds rude.
Do not speak about what is already there in the resume. The interviewer wants to know what they have not seen on the resume. And do not speak about anything personal.
Introduce yourself by including certain adjectives like problem-solving, innovation and tech-savvy, creative, quick learner, etc. that best describe you in your professional life to boost your chances.
Cover what you have accomplished in your career and what work you have done in the past which can help you excel in the position that you are being interviewed for.
You can also tell why you want the position and how the job is going to be perfect for you.
Focus only on your strengths that are relatable to the work.

Why do you want to work for our company?
Another popular question asked by the interviewer is to make sure that the candidate has understood the job requirements and help the interviewer understand the reason behind choosing their company for that job. You should answer in such a way that the interviewer gets convinced that you are a great fit for the role.
Some tips to answer this question:
Talk about the past projects that you had worked on that match the requirements of the current role.
Talk about your career aspirations that are associated with this job role.
Have the knowledge in hand about the company’s vision, mission, and the work it has done in recent years that inspired you to join the organization.
What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
HR asks this question to get to know more about your characteristics and your suitability for the job. It is also one of the standards and most commonly asked questions.
Some tips to answer this question:
Be honest.
Start by stating the strongest skills and qualities that can be a great match for the job role.
Be ready with the backup claim for each of the strengths that you mention. Hence, avoid speaking of the strengths that you do not possess.
Do not tell any weakness that can potentially jeopardize your candidature.
Do not mention more than 2 weaknesses and always mention how you are working on improving them.
Do not tell cheesy, cliché answers like “I am a perfectionist which is both my strength and my weakness”.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Now, this question is the trickiest and deadliest one of all. This can prove to be a trap and you might not even be aware of it. While the question might seem casual, the main purpose of this question is to find out how long you are planning to stay in the company if hired and how your vision fits the vision of the company.
You might be tempted to answer honestly by saying things about your plans for higher studies, your plans to start a startup, your plans of becoming a hiring manager in the company or if you don’t have a plan then you are simply tempted to say you don’t have a plan at all. These are the things the interviewer doesn’t want to hear and hence avoids giving such answers.
The recruiter is only interested in knowing how long you are planning to stay in the company and how satisfied you are with the current position you are going to be hired for.

Why should we hire you?
The recruiter asks this important question to understand how well you would fit into the position because every hire is a risk to the interviewer in case they turn out to be unfit. Your answer to this question can make or break your interview. Hence, prepare well for this question and make sure to convey to the interviewer why you are the perfect fit for the position.
Some tips to answer would be to include:
How well you would perform the job and how you would be a great addition to the team.
How you possess the right talent which makes you stand apart.
Everything should boil down to how you can add great value to the organization.
Are You Comfortable Working In A Team?
Sometimes interviewers ask trick questions. This isn’t one of those times. The purpose is to determine if you like working alone or as part of a group. While sometimes a job can be tailored to your preference, most often an employer is looking for someone flexible in this regard. Most jobs require periods of working alone, and periods of interacting with others.
Be honest. What that means is before looking for a job make sure you can work well with a team or alone. People will work better one way or the other, but having flexibility is important in the working world. As always, do research on the company and job to better frame an answer.
Can you work under pressure?
Absolutely…(then prove it with a vivid example or two of a goal or project accomplished under severe pressure.)
Yes! I can do a job under pressure. I will overcome pressure by Perfect and proper planning then it doesn’t lead the work to pressure. Without pressure, no one can be stronger so we have to handle pressure by our confidence. I have self-confidence and determination so I can overcome that sir.
What are your weaknesses?

Example Answer: I am very goal-oriented and I push my team too hard sometimes, however, once the goal is achieved, they definitely do not mind anymore.
To be Noted: Switch the question around in a way that you end up disguising a strong point as a weakness. Do not mention any other thing as this is generally a trick question that is intended to bring out your reaction. Do not ever mention any flaws, instead, try thinking about the question a bit and stick to a strong point that can be disguised as a weakness.
What is your biggest mistake?
This question is asked in the interview to check your ability and how quickly you can recover yourself.
Well, you have to answer this question in this way:
You should have to start with the most significant weakness that diverts you directly and let you go downwards.
Do you have any questions for us?

Example Answer: I would love to know more about the work culture and what other things this position entails. I am sure there is much information that is not available online and I would love to have some insight into the position and how my daily routine would be like. I am also excited to learn about Wipro, any interesting facts or stories would be great!

H2- Wipro Technical Interview Questions
Top 30 Wipro interview questions are discussed below:

  1. Do you know what is an IP address and what it is used for?
    Ans. Each computer connected to the internet has a unique number assigned which distinguishes its presence in the network. This number is referred to as an IP address. If a computer does not have one then it won’t be able to communicate with other computers in the network. It serves a few important functions like host or network interface identification and location addressing.

  2. What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is less secure as the data is vulnerable to attacks.
    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is more secure and prevents information from being attacked.
    It uses port 80 by default
    It uses port 443 by default
    HTTP does not scramble the data to be transmitted
    It scrambles the data before transmission and upon receiving it descrambles the data
    HTTP website does not need SSL
    It needs SSL encryption
    It does not improve search rankings
    As it is more secure and preferred it improves search rankings
    Faster than HTTPS network protocol
    Slower than HTTP but more secure
    More vulnerable to attacks
    Highly secure due to encryption

This question is frequently asked in wipro interview questions.

  1. What is a primary key?
    Ans. A primary key is used to identify each record in a table uniquely. It must contain unique values and cannot be null. A table can have only one primary key. It is defined by mentioning the primary key constraint.

  2. Write a program to print the pattern:



    int main(void) {
    int a=0,b=0,i,j,N=4,k,l;
    for(i=N; i >=1;i–)
    for(j=N; j>i; j–)
    printf(" ");
    for(k=1;k<=i; k++)
    printf("%d%s",++a, "");
    for(l=1;l<=i; l++)
    printf("%d", ++b + i
    return 0;

  3. What are the functionalities of an operating system?
    Ans. The various functionalities of OS are –
    It acts as an interface between the computer and user using GUI, command lines, etc.
    It assigns the process to a CPU and hence optimizes any task performed by the computer.
    It also manages peripheral devices and improves I/O operations.
    It provides a file management system that stores data for future access and improves access time.

  4. What is the difference between SQL and No SQL databases?
    These are relational databases
    These are known as non-relational databases
    These use structured query language and have a schema
    These have dynamic schema
    SQL databases are table based
    These are document-based, graph-based
    SQL databases are good for multirow transactions
    These are good for unstructured data or JSON.

This difference is commonly asked in Wipro interview questions.

  1. What do you mean by SQL profiler?
    Ans. SQL profiler is a utility service provided by SQL to check whether the connection to the SQL server is set up or not and which SQL scripts are running and which ones are getting failed.

  2. What do you mean by process and thread?
    Ans. A thread is a light weighted subprocess which is also considered the smallest processing unit. It has a different path of execution and share resources with different other threads of the same process. The process is a heavy-weight program consisting of multiple threads.

  3. What are Multi-Processing and Multitasking?
    Multitasking: As the name indicates multiple tasks run on a single CPU. We use multitasking to utilize the CPU.
    Multitasking can be achieved in two ways:
    Process-based Multitasking (Multiprocessing)
    and Thread-based Multitasking (Multithreading)
    Multi-processing: Multi-processing refers to the ability of a system to support more than one central processing unit at the same time.
    Multithreading: As the name indicates multiple threads run concurrently.

  4. What are the conditions for deadlock?
    Ans. The following conditions if satisfied then the process is considered to be in deadlock –
    Mutual Exclusion: When two processes share the same resource and both of the processes are different then each of them waits for the other to utilize the resource.
    Hold and Wait: When two resources wait for each other and do not get executed.
    No pre-emption: This means we cannot force stop or remove one process among the waiting processes.
    Circular Wait: When a process is waiting for a resource to be hold by another process that is again waiting for a resource hold by the first one, this cyclic wait is called circular wait. This leads to a deadlock.

  5. What are the objects in DBMS you know about?
    Ans. The database uses various kinds of objects to store the elements. There can be various objects for this like –
    View: This is basically a virtual table It can be derived from multiple tables and assist in faster modifications of the table elements.
    Table: This is used to create a table using CREATE TABLE statement.
    Index: Index provides a key value type of storage that gives optimized and faster lookup time in the database.
    Sequence: This command is used to create a sequence in the database.
    Synonym: This object is also used for creating indexes in a database.

  6. What is the difference between left join and right join?
    Ans. Left join refers to the join when all the rows of the left table is shown corresponding to the right table and also those tuples where the left table does not match with the right table. Those values are left as null. Right join is basically just the opposite, all of the tuples of the right table are included along with those whose left values are not present and such values are kept as null.

  7. What is Polymorphism?
    Ans. In object-oriented programming languages, polymorphism means the same code can be used for a different object very differently. It basically means many forms, so the same function can have different types of implementation with various other arguments and parameters.

  8. Can a class inherit the constructors of its superclass?
    Ans. A class cannot inherit the constructors from any of its superclasses.

  9. What is the difference between truncate and delete commands in SQL?
    Ans. While truncate removes the data permanently and cannot be rolled back, delete provides the option of rolling back after the deletion of data.

  10. Now that you know to reverse a number, can you try to check whether a number is a palindrome or not?
    Ans. (Palindrome is a number which when reversed get the same value)


    using namespace std;
    int reverse(int a){
    int res = 0;
    int dig = a%10;
    res = res*10 + dig;
    a =a/10;
    return res;
    int main() {
    int a = 1221;
    int b = reverse(a);
    if(a == b)
    cout<<"Not palindrome";
    return 0;
    Output: Palindrome

  11. What is the difference between malloc() and calloc()?
    Calloc ()
    Malloc () function will create a single block of memory specified by the user.
    Calloc () can assign multiple blocks of memory.
    Malloc() is faster but less secure
    It is slower but more secure
    It does not initialize memory
    It initializes memory to 0
    Returns only the starting address but does not make it 0
    Returns the starting address and makes it 0

  12. Do you know what is JVM?
    Ans. JVM called the Java Virtual Machine is an engine that provides a run time environment to java programs. It converts Java machine code to byte code. It is platform-independent as byte code is platform-independent. It is also a part of the JRE java run time environment.

  13. What do you mean by DOM?
    Ans. DOM or Document Object Model is basically a cross-platform and language-independent interface that treats HTML or XML data as a tree data structure. For example, to understand when we write an HTML script the header, body, etc are considered as a branch of a tree and each of these branches can have various other listed branches in it.

  14. Write the Bubble sort algorithm.
    Ans. CPP Code –


    using namespace std;
    void bubbleSort(int *array, int size)
    for(int i = 0; i<size; i++) {
    int swaps = 0;
    for(int j = 0; j<size-i-1; j++)
    if(array[j] > array[j+1])
    swap(array[j], array[j+1]);
    swaps = 1;
    int main()
    int n;
    cin >> n;
    int arr[n];
    for(int i = 0; i<n; i++)
    cin >> arr[i];
    bubbleSort(arr, n);
    for(int i = 0; i<n; i++)
    return 0;
    Input: 4 3 5 2 1
    Output: 1 2 3 4 5
    Time Complexity:O(n2)

  15. Find whether a number is prime or not.
    Ans. Idea is to check for all the numbers below it and check if it divides our given number.


    using namespace std;
    int main() {
    int a = 23;
    int b = 2;
    //start from b as 1 can divide any number
    bool prime = true;
    if(a%b == 0)
    prime = false;
    else cout<<"not prime";
    return 0;
    Output: prime

  16. Write a program to find the reverse of a number.
    Ans. (try to get each digit and multiply with its corresponding power of 10)


    using namespace std;
    int main() {
    int a = 1223;
    int res = 0;
    int dig = a%10;
    res = res*10 + dig;
    a =a/10;
    return 0;
    Output: 3221

  17. Write a program to convert a binary number to an octal.
    Ans. First, convert binary to decimal and then we can convert the decimal to octal easily.



    int Binary2Octal(int number){
    int octal=0,value, i=1,lastDigit;
    while( number != 0){
    lastDigit = number % 1000;
    value = Binary2Decimal(lastDigit);
    octal = octal + value i;
    i = i
    number = number / 1000;
    return octal;
    int Binary2Decimal(int number){
    int decimal=0, i=0,lastDigit;
    while( number != 0){
    lastDigit = number % 10;
    number = number / 10;
    decimal = decimal + lastDigit * pow(2,i);
    return decimal;
    int main(){
    int number,octal;
    octal = Binary2Octal(number);
    printf( "" %d \n",octal);

  18. Can you write a program to find the second largest element? Do not use sorting.



    int main(){
    int arr[] = {2,25,12};
    int largest,second_largest,i;
    int arr_size = sizeof(arr)/sizeof(int);
    printf("arr[%d] = %d\n",i,arr[i]);
    largest = second_largest = INT_MIN;
    for(i=0;i< arr_size;i++){
    if(largest < arr[i]){
    second_largest = largest;
    largest = arr[i];
    }else if( arr[i] < largest && arr[i] > second_largest)
    second_largest = arr[i];
    }printf("%d\n", second_largest);

  19. Write a program to merge two unsorted orders in sorted order.

    include <bits/stdc++.h>

    using namespace std;
    void sortedMerge(int a[], int b[], int res[], int n, int m)
    int i = 0, j = 0, k = 0;
    while (i < n)
    res[k] = a[i];
    i += 1;
    k += 1;
    while (j < m) {
    res[k] = b[j];
    j += 1;
    k += 1;
    sort(res, res + n + m);
    int main()
    int a[] = { 10, 5, 15 };
    int b[] = { 20, 3, 2, 12 };
    int n = sizeof(a) / sizeof(a[0]);
    int m = sizeof(b) / sizeof(b[0]);
    int res[n + m];
    sortedMerge(a, b, res, n, m);
    for (int i = 0; i < n + m; i++)
    cout << ” ” << res[i];
    return 0;

  20. What are the conditions for deadlock?
    Ans. The following conditions if satisfied then the process is considered to be in deadlock –
    Mutual Exclusion: When two processes share the same resource and both of the processes are different then each of them waits for the other to utilize the resource.
    Hold and Wait: When two resources wait for each other and do not get executed.
    No pre-emption: This means we cannot force stop or remove one process among the waiting processes.
    Circular Wait: When a process is waiting for a resource to be hold by another process that is again waiting for a resource hold by the first one, this cyclic wait is called circular wait. This leads to a deadlock.

  21. Write a program to find the sum of the digits of a number.
    Ans. Extract each digit and add them.


    using namespace std;
    int digitSum(int n)
    int sum = 0;
    while(n > 0 || sum > 9)
    if(n == 0)
    n = sum;
    sum = 0;
    sum += n % 10;
    n /= 10;
    return sum;
    // Driver program to test the above function
    int main()
    int n = 145;
    cout << digitSum(n);
    return 0;
    Output: 10

  22. What is the difference between UNIQUE and PRIMARY KEY constraints?
    Ans. We can have more than one unique key in a table but we can have only one primary key to uniquely identify a tuple. The primary key cannot accept null as an input while the unique key can but for only once. The primary key is defined by placing a PRIMARY KEY constraint while UNIQUE is used to specify a column as a unique key.

  23. Do you know about active and passive objects?
    Ans. Active objects are those which can interact with and control their own threads whereas a passive object is one that waits for the message to be processed.

  24. Write a program to find the nth Fibonacci number.
    long nthFibonacci (int input1) {
    long first = 0, second = 1, sum;
    for (int i = 1; i < input1; i++) {
    sum = first + second;
    first = second;
    second = sum;
    return first;
    int main(){
    int n;
    cout<< nthFibonacci(n);
    return 0;

H2- Wipro Aptitude Interview Questions
The sum of a number and its two preceding numbers is equal to 36. Find the number:
Answer: b
Let’s take a number: 10
Two preceding numbers of 10 will be 11 and 12
The sum of all three will be 33 which are not correct as per the given question.
Let’s take another number: 11
Two preceding numbers of 11 will be 12 and 13
The sum of all three will be 36.
Hence, 11 is the right option.

  1. Sanjay invested an amount of Rs 12,960 for two years on compound interest and received an amount of RS 17,640 on maturity. What is the rate of interest per annum?
    Data Inadequate
    Answer: c
    A=P (1+r/100)2
    17640/12960= (1+r/100)2
    441/324= (1+r/100)2
    21/18)2= (1+r/100)2

  2. A reservoir is provided by two pipes X and Y. X can fill the reservoir 5 hours faster than Y. If both together fill the reservoir in 6 hours, the reservoir will be filled by Y alone in
    10 hours
    15 hours
    8 hours
    12 hours
    Answer: b
    If a is the speed then the speed of X= a + 5 and Y = a
    Time taken by A and B will be a and a + 5 resp.
    1/a + 1/a + 5 = 1/6 ; a2 – 7a – 30 = 0
    x = -3 or x = 10.
    Time can’t be negative, i.e., x =10.
    Hence pipe X can fill the reservoir in 10 hours, and Y can fill it in 10+5=15 hours.

  3. A boat takes 38 hours for traveling downstream from point X to point Y and coming back to point Z midway between X and Y. If the stream velocity is 4km/h and the boat speed in still water is 14 km/h, find the distance between X and Y?
    200 km
    360 km
    260 km
    220 km
    Answer: b
    Boat Speed for downstream = 14 + 4 = 18 km/hr
    Boat speed for upstream = 14 – 4 = 10 km/hr
    Distance = x
    x / 18 + (x /2)/10 = 38
    x = 360 km

  4. The speed of a boat is 8 km/h in still water, and the speed of the current is 4 km/h. If the time taken to reach a certain distance upstream is 18 hours, the time it will take to go the same distance downstream is
    3.5 hours
    6.5 hours
    6 hours
    3 hours
    Answer: c
    Upstream speed of a boat = 8 – 4 = 4 km/hr
    downstream speed of a boat = 8 + 4 = 12 km/hr
    suppose the distance = x
    Then for Upstream case: x / 4 = 18. Hence, x = 72 km
    Now the time taken to go the same distance downstream: Time = 72/12 = 6 hrs

  5. A man can swim 10.5 km/h in still water, and he finds that it takes him twice as long to swim up as to swim down the river. The speed of the stream is
    2.5 km/h
    3.5 km/h
    1.75 km/h
    2 km/h
    Answer: b
    Let the speed of the stream be N. Then for downstream, 10.5 + N = D
    and for upstream, 10.5 – N = U
    so we get, D + U = 21
    But, it takes him to double as long to swim up as to swim down the river.
    2U+ U = 21; U = 7. Thus, 10.5 – N = 7
    S=3.5 km/h

  6. Seats for Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer science in a school are in the ratio 10:14:16. The management wants to increase these seats by 40%, 50%, and 75% respectively, find the ratio of increased seats.
    None of these
    Answer: a
    Let the number of seats for Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer science: 10x, 14x, and 16x respectively.
    According to the proposal, it will be
    (14010x)/100, (15014x)/100, (175*16x)/100
    It will be 14x, 21x, and 28x
    The ratio will be 14:21:28 or 2:3:4.
    Hence, A is the correct option.

  7. There is a family of six persons L, M, N, O, P, and Q. They are the Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, Businessman, Actor, and Director. Two married couples are in the family. O, the businessman is married to the Lady Teacher. The Doctor is married to the Lawyer Q, and the Director is the son of M and brother of P. N, the Lawyer is the daughter-in-law of L. P is the unmarried Actor. L is the Grandmother of Q. What is the profession of L?
    Answer: b

  8. The tank has six pipes fitted in them. Some of them are for inlet purpose and rest for outlet purpose. Each inlet pipe can fill the tank in 12 hours, and each outlet pipe can empty the tank in 8 hours. On opening all the pipes, an empty tank is filled in 12 hours. How many inlet pipes and outlet pipes are there?
    Answer: a
    Suppose the number of inlet pipes is A, and the number of outlet pipes is B
    A / 12 – B / 8 = 1/12
    2B – 3B = 2
    let’s take A = 4 and B = 2. Then the condition will be full-filled.
    Thus, Inlet pipe: A = 4 and outlet pipe: B=2

  9. There is 80% increase in an amount in 8 years at simple interest. What will be the compound interest of Rs. 14,000 after 3 years at the same rate?
    Answer: 4634
    Let P = Rs.100
    Simple Interest = Rs. 80 ( ∵ 80% increase is due to the simple interest)
    Now let’s find out the compound interest of Rs. 14,000 after 3 years at 10%
    P = Rs.14000
    T = 3 years
    R = 10%
    Amount after 3 years =P(1+R/100)T=14000(1+10/100)3=14000(110/100)3=14000(11/10)3=14×113=18634
    Compound Interest = Rs.18634 – Rs.14000 = Rs.4634
    H2- Wipro Reasoning Interview Questions

Direction for the questions 1 to 5: These questions are based on the blood relation:
P is the mother of Q. Q is the sister of R. S is the son of R. T is the brother of S. U is the mother of T. V is the granddaughter of P. Q and R is the only two children of W.
1) How is W related to U?
Cannot be determined
Answer: b

2) How is T related to R?
Cousin brother
Cannot be determined
Answer: b

3) Who is the mother of G?
Either B or F
Answer: d

4) If RAIL is coded as ‘AILR,’ and ‘PARVEZ’ is coded as ‘AEPRVZ.’ In the same code language, ‘BLANK’ will be coded as
Cannot be determined
Answer: c

5) Complete the given series.
Answer: b

Direction for the questions 6 to 8: these questions are based on the given English words
6) If we interchange the position of the first and third letters of all the words, how many words will form meaningful English words?
Answer: After interchanging the words we get: MAN TEG NAF BUC DIM
Hence, there is one meaningful word.

7) If all the letters of the words are arranged alphabetically (within the word), how many words will remain the same?
Answer: Alphabetical order: AMN EGT AFN BCU DIM
Hence, D is the correct option.

8) If all the letters of the words are changed to the next letter of the English alphabetical series, how many vowels will appear in words? (Same or different vowel)
More than three
Answer: d
The changed words are as follows: OBN HFU GBO DVC NJE. Out of all these five English words we have four vowels OUOE
Hence the right answer is D. More than three

9) Which pair is not following the series?
Answer: d

10) Look at this series: 57, 57, 40, 40, 23, 23,… What will next?
Answer: c

H2- Wipro Verbal Interview Questions
Directions (Q 1 -5): Choose the Synonyms of the following words

  1. Indolent
    A. crabbed
    B. intent
    C. inactive
    D. diligent
    Answer – C. inactive
  2. Convention
    A. intrinsic
    B. assembly
    C. strangeness
    D. division
    Answer – B. assembly
  3. Ornate
    A. cinch
    B. effortless
    C. simple
    D. adorned
    Answer – D. adorned
  4. Concede
    A. Caper
    B. Canter
    C. Revel
    D. conceal
    Answer – C. Revel
  5. Bottleneck
    A. indulge
    B. dilemma
    C. headache
    D. barrier
    Answer – D. barrier

Directions (Q 6 – 10): Choose the correct word in order to fill in the blanks

  1. Spirituality is also about life in an , magnanimous and righteous manner.
    A. untie, observable
    B. remorseless, undeniable
    C. pestilential, transparent
    D. traversing, altruistic
    E. delay, prominent
    Answer – D. traversing, altruistic
    traversing – travel across or through.
    altruistic – showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.

  2. It is remaining detached in the midst of worldly attachments, performing one’s duties without giving in to one’s egocentric .
    A. lethal, monstrous
    B. hinder, lucid
    C. pestilent, manifest
    D. noxious, palpable
    E. meticulously, disposition
    Answer – E. meticulously, disposition
    meticulously – in a way that shows great attention to detail; very thoroughly.
    disposition – a person’s inherent qualities of mind and character.

  3. It is one’s gratitude for all of life’s blessings and contentment with one’s lot with no of greed or covetousness.
    A. capricious, conspicuous
    B. freakish, visible
    C. occasional, subtle
    D. personal, discernible
    E. profound, vestige
    Answer – E. profound, vestige
    profound – (of a state, quality, or emotion) very great or intense.
    Vestige – a trace or remnant of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.

  4. Spirituality is a state of peaceful bliss, not due to external but due to a strong inner connect with one’s own Divine core.
    A. private, distinct
    B. perpetual, stimuli
    C. unshared, explicit
    D. loosen, concealed
    E. ruthless, disguised
    Answer – B. perpetual, stimuli
    perpetual – never ending or changing.
    stimuli – a thing or event that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue.

  5. It is being equipped with the wisdom to acknowledge the of the transitory aspects of life over what is transitory.
    A. primordial, sublimity
    B. relentless, exposed
    C. release, glaring
    D. unbind, indisputable
    E. cease, groveling
    Answer – A. primordial, sublimity
    primordial – existing at or from the beginning of time; primeval.
    sublimity – of very great excellence or beauty.

H2- Wipro Interview questions – FAQs

Is the Wipro interview questions easy?
It makes no sense whether the Wipro interview questions are difficult or easy. The truth is that the more you prepare for the interview questions, the more likely you are to succeed. Wipro interview questions mainly covered programming languages, logical thinking, computer fundamentals, products/software/projects on which the candidate has recently or previously worked, etc.

How to apply for Wipro off campus?
You can easily apply by applying on the company’s website, and Wipro recruitment websites, also attending recruiting drives, taking the employee referral system, and consulting with placement experts or groups.

Why do you want to join Wipro?
Wipro is ranked in the top 3 among India’s top IT companies. Wipro is really great company to work for. Here, your qualities will be valued. Wipro has excellent policies and possibilities which work in a range of fields and countries. Once you got selected, you’ll have a variety of options based on your skills. Wipro’s team management and infrastructure are undoubtedly excellent. Also, the Work-life balance in Wipro is excellent.

What is the Wipro Elite Test?
Recently, Wipro has launched the Wipro Elite NLTH Hiring Process for freshers across India. The test was a National Level Talent Hunt Test to attract the best coders in the country. In Wipro Elite, all the qualified candidates have to go through an online evaluation process with rounds such as
Aptitude Exam
Written Communication Test
Coding test.

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