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PINNACLE Placement Program

This programme is designed to cover all topics required for clearing the Technical tests and interview process followed by Samsung, Oracle, Comviva, Sap Labs. Focus on DS, OS, DBMS, Coding, and Aptitude.



₹ 12999

3-4 months course duration

100% Online Program

Lifetime Access

Salary Range: 5 - 10 lakhs

Course Details
If you want to get placed in companies like Samsung, Oracle, SAP you are at the right place.Getting placed in companies require you to have good grasp on DS, OS, DBMS, C/Java along with decent coding skills. Through Pinnacle placement program you will master concepts of OS, DS, DBMS , C/JAVA and will also develop good codings skills and aptitude required for these companies.
Personalised Program
Personalised ProgramMaster your skills from where you are, with India's only personalised program
Expert Mentors
Expert MentorsGet career guidance, mentorship, time management strategies from industry experts
60+ Hours of Videos
60+ Hours of VideosRecorded video lectures by experts to help you understand the concepts easily
20+ Live Coding Sessions
20+ Live Coding Sessions Code live and get mentorship with the top-rated coders of the country.
150+ Coding Questions
150+ Coding QuestionsBest way to master a language is by coding in the language
50+ Tech/Apti MCQ Tests
50+ Tech/Apti MCQ TestsSmall quizzes after every topic to give you a quick check on your understandings
Doubt support over Slack
Doubt support over SlackGet your doubts cleared by coding experts and have a smooth learning
2 Mock Interviews
2 Mock InterviewsPractice Mock Interviews with Industry experts and ace your coding interviews

Data Structures and Algorithms

  • fileAlgorithms Overview
  • fileTime and Space Complexity
  • fileSearching Algorithms
  • fileSorting Algorithms
  • fileLinked Lists
  • fileStacks
  • fileQueues
  • fileTrees
  • fileHeap
  • fileGraphs
  • fileDivide and Conquer
  • fileGreedy Algorithms
  • fileBacktracking
  • fileDynamic Programming

C/C++/Java/Python(You can choose any one language)

  • fileC/C++/Java/Python Overview
  • fileData Types
  • fileOperators and Expressions
  • fileInput/Output
  • fileDecision Making
  • fileArrays
  • filePointers (C/C++)
  • fileCharacter Arrays and Strings
  • fileFunctions
  • fileRecursion
  • fileStructures and Unions(C/C++)
  • fileOOOPs Concepts(C++/Java)
  • fileFunctions and OOPs(Python)
  • fileInheritance
  • fileEncapsulation
  • filePolymorphism
  • fileAbstraction
  • fileVirtual Function(C++)
  • fileStandard Template Library(STLs)(C++)
  • fileException Handling(C++/Java)
  • fileGenerics(Java)
  • fileCollections(Java)
  • fileMultithreading(Java)
  • fileFile Handling
  • fileSet, List, Tuples, Dictionary(Python)

Operating System

  • fileIntroduction to Operating System
  • fileProcess Concepts
  • fileThreads
  • fileProcess Scheduling
  • fileProcess Synchronization
  • fileDeadlocks
  • fileMemory Management
  • fileVirtual Memory Management
  • fileFile System and Secondary Storage

Database Management Systems

  • fileIntroduction to DBMS
  • fileEntity Relationship Model
  • fileEnhanced Entity Relationship Model
  • fileRelational Model
  • fileSQL
  • fileRelational Database Design
  • fileStorage and File Structure
  • fileTransaction Management


  • fileNumber system
  • fileHCF & LCM
  • fileTime, Speed & Distance
  • filePermutation & Combination
  • fileTime & Work
  • fileProfit & Loss
  • fileSeries & Progression
  • filePercentage
  • fileGeometry
  • fileProbability
  • fileMixtures & Allegations
  • fileReading Comprehension
  • filePara jumbles
  • fileVocabulary
  • fileSynonyms
  • fileAntonyms
  • fileSentence Completion
  • fileData Interpretation
  • fileCryptarithmetic
  • fileData Sufficiency
  • fileDeductive Logic
  • fileNumber series pattern recognition
  • fileLogical word sequence
  • fileLogarithms
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Course Mentor


Co-Founder, PrepBytes

Mamta has a great passion for coding and motivates students to pursue coding. Her mission is to use her knowledge and expertise to help students get placed in their dream company.


SDE, Google

Virali is one of the top coders of the country. She has mentored thousands of students at PrepBytes and has motivated them to think big and achieve big.


Co-Founder, PrepBytes

Aditya has over 5 years of industry experience and has been part of multiple hiring sprees. He is a placement expert and knows very well what is required to nail it in interviews.

Prerequisites & Who all should buy this course?

Coding Interviews, College Exams, Coding Competitions - you name it.This program will help you excel in everything you do.

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You just need to have dream to get placed in these companies and willingness to work hard.

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You can come here with no knowledge and graduate with being an expert.

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TestimonialsWhat our Students Say

Susovan Ghosh


It's absolutely awesome guys. Go for it without a second thought and you won't regret it!




One stop solution for placement preparations. Contains live as well as recorded videos for theory. Also huge emphasis is given on problem solving and clearing of concepts.




The program started with providing me with a personalized plan which stretched for about 4-5 month including lectures, live sessions.During the course, the students were constantly shared with upcoming job opportunities. Overall it was a great learning experience which immensely helped me prepare for placements, especially technical interviews.

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