Learn Machine Learning in Python

Want to learn how magic is created using machine learning? Foray into the world of Machine Learning with ML experts. Learn from the basics - Statistics, Python Libraries, Data Handling and Machine Learning Algorithms



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Want to learn how magic is created using machine learning? Foray into the world of Machine Learning with ML experts. Learn from the basics - Statistics, Python Libraries, Data Handling and Machine Learning Algorithms
2.5 months of program
2.5 months of programPerfect course duration to dive into ML during summers and get certified
30 Live Classes
30 Live Classes4 Live classes of 1.5 hours each per week from 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
20+ ML quizes
20+ ML quizesSmall quizzes after every topic to give you a quick check on your understandings
3 Projects
3 ProjectsBuild real-life projects to bring your theoretical learning into practical applications
Expert Mentor
Expert MentorLearn directly from an expert mentor with 9+ years of experience in analytics & ML
Get Certified
Get CertifiedGet recognized on course completion with highly reputed PrepBytes' certificates

Introduction to data science

  • fileTypes of analytics
  • fileWhat is machine learning
  • fileWhat is data Analyis
  • fileDifference between Descriptive and predictive analytics.
  • fileAnalytics Project Life cycle


  • fileTypes of variables
  • fileCentral Tendency
  • fileMeasure of Statical dispersions
  • fileProbability
  • fileProbability Distributions
  • fileSampling Techniques
  • fileHypothesis testings

Linear Algebra

  • fileLinear Algebra basics
  • fileNeed to Linear algebra in Machine Learning
  • fileMatrix and scalar multiplication
  • fileMatrix addition,subtraction ,division,Etc.,
  • fileMatrices and vectrors
  • fileMatrix inverse and transpose
  • fileMatrix rotation & span
  • fileMatrix scaling


  • fileWhy python for data analysis
  • filepython 2.7 vs python 3.6
  • filehow to install Anaconda
  • fileRunning few simple programs using python
  • filePython objects
  • fileArrays,Dataframes in python
  • filePython Libraries
  • fileVisualisation on dataset using python
  • fileFunctions in python
  • fileString Methods
  • fileConditionals In python
  • fileLoops in python
  • fileMastering pandas
  • fileData structures in pandas
  • fileVarious Dataframe Operations
  • fileGrouping, Merging, and Reshaping of Data

Machine Learning

  • fileData Exploration (EDA)
  • fileUnivariate analysis
  • fileBivariate Analysis
  • fileFeature Engineering
  • fileData preprocessing
  • fileSupervised Learning
  • fileUnsupervised Learning
  • fileDiffrence between Classification and Regression
  • fileModel Metrics
  • fileSimple Linear Regression
  • fileMultiple Linear Regression
  • fileLogistic regression classification
  • fileDecision tree Classification
  • fileRandom Forest classification
  • fileSupport Vector Machines classification
  • fileNaïve bayes Classification
  • fileDecision tree Regression
  • fileRandom Forest Regression
  • fileGLM (Poisson regression, spline)
  • fileSupport Vector Machines Regression
  • fileK-means Clustering
  • fileHireachial cluestering
  • fileAssocialtion Rule Mining
  • fileECLAT
  • fileEnsembling methods
  • fileAda boost Algorithm
  • fileGBM
  • fileXG-Boost
  • fileDimentionality Reduction Techniques
  • fileFeature Selection
  • fileFeature Extraction
  • fileModel Evaluations
  • fileModel Selection
  • fileAdvance concepts

How to earn the certificate?

Upon successful completion of the course you will earn a certificate. All the assignments should be solved & solutions should be unique.

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Course Mentor


Anand Kashyap

Team Lead - Eris Global Company

Full stack ML professional offering 9+ years of experience in descriptive & predictive Analytics. Responsible for end to end lifecycle of AI pipelines including, identifying modelling approaches, performance evaluation and building and testing of pipelines, optimize pipelines based on production environment and post deployment improvements to the model(s)

Prerequisites & Who all should buy this course?

The course is perfect and highly recommended for students who want to enter into the world of machine learning but are confused where to start from.

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You should know the basics of python

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You should be willing to work hard and be ready to learn

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Shivam Gupta

My coding experience has improved very much. After joining the program, I am able to write optimized code. The mentors are very helpful. They are always concerned about the students and they explain really well. The lectures are also very simple to understand and gives a clear idea.


Shivani Ravi

PrepBytes have helped me improve my analytical skills & helped me in all the ways possible. My understanding of questions and logic has also increased. The best thing about PrepBytes are the lectures, it is so simple and everything is explained with examples.


Abhishek Kumar

Lectures are up to the mark, concepts are crystal clear by the mentors. And the best part about the course is weekly assignments were provided to us which were not just good but ensuring that we were understanding the concepts but also improved our coding skills considerably.

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