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Even Odd Program in Java

Last Updated on August 18, 2023 by Mayank Dham

In order to identify whether a number is odd or even, Java programmers use a number of methods, which will be examined in this article. In the decimal number system, even numbers are exactly divisible by two, whereas odd numbers are not. When the modulus operator "%" is used, as in 4%3 = 1, it returns the remainder. (1 is the remainder after dividing four by three).

Even Odd Program in Java

A number is considered even if it may be divided evenly by 2. Odd numbers are the leftover numbers that are not exactly divisible by 2. To put it simply, odd numbers are those that have the form of n = 2k+1 whereas even numbers take the form of n = 2k. Either even or odd numbers will make up each and every integer. This blog will explain how to use a Java program to determine if a number is even or odd.

There are several methods we may use to determine if a given number is even or odd.

Let’s examine each of them separately.

Algorithm For Even Odd Program in Java

  • Step 1- Start the program.
  • Step 2- Read/input the number.
  • Step 3- if n%2==0 then the number is even.
  • Step 4- else number is odd.
  • Step 5- display the output.
  • Step 6- Stop the program.

Pseudocode For Even Odd Program in Java

IF (integer modulo 2) equals to 0
   PRINT number is even
   PRINT number is odd

Java Programs to Check Odd Even Number

Let’s now study the Program to Check Even or Odd number.

Method 1: Odd or Even program in Java using the modulus operator

This method displays the Java program to check the odd-even number using the modulus operator.

Code Implementation

import java.util.Scanner;
class PrepBytes 
	public static void main(String[] args)
		int num = 10;
		if (num % 2 == 0) {
			System.out.println("Entered Number is Even");
			System.out.println("Entered Number is Odd");

Output: Entered Number is Even

Method 2: Java program to find odd or even using a bitwise operator

We can use the bitwise AND (&) operator to check odd or even. For example, consider the binary of 7 (0111), (7 & 1 = 1). You may have noticed that every odd number’s least significant digit is 1. As a result, (odd_number & 1) is always 1 and (even_number & 1) is always 0 as well.

Code Implementation

import java.util.*;
class PrepBytes 
	public static void main(String[] args)
		int n = 10;
		if ((n & 1) == 1) 
		else {

Output: Even

You should now be able to use Java programming to determine whether a given integer is odd or even after running the above program. I sincerely hope you find our website to be beneficial and informative. Our discussion of the Java Odd & Even Program is now complete.

In conclusion, understanding and implementing the even-odd program in Java is a fundamental step towards mastering programming logic and syntax. This seemingly simple program offers valuable insights into concepts like conditional statements, loops, and basic arithmetic operations. By creating a program that efficiently determines whether a given number is even or odd, programmers can lay a strong foundation for more complex coding challenges.

Through this article, we’ve explored the step-by-step process of creating an even-odd program in Java. We’ve covered the logic behind the program, discussed different approaches, and provided a working code example. By grasping these concepts, aspiring programmers can gain confidence in their coding abilities and prepare themselves for more intricate programming tasks.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Even Odd Program in Java

Here are some FAQs related to odd or even program in Java.
Q1: What is the purpose of an even-odd program in Java?
A: The purpose of an even-odd program is to determine whether a given integer is divisible by 2 (even) or not (odd). It’s often used as a simple introductory exercise in programming to understand conditional statements and basic arithmetic operations.

Q2: Can you explain the logic behind the even-odd program?
A: The logic is based on the fact that even numbers are divisible by 2 without leaving a remainder, while odd numbers leave a remainder of 1 when divided by 2. By checking the remainder of division by 2 (using the modulo operator %), you can determine if a number is even or odd.

Q3: Are there different ways to implement the even-odd program?
A: Yes, there are multiple ways to implement the even-odd program. The most common approach involves using conditional statements like if-else or ternary operators. You can also utilize bitwise operators for efficiency or leverage the Java Math library.

Q4: Why is the even-odd program important for beginner programmers?
A: The even-odd program introduces fundamental programming concepts like conditional statements, loops, and arithmetic operations. Mastering this program helps beginners build problem-solving skills, gain confidence in coding, and establish a strong foundation for more complex programming tasks.

Q5: How can I expand on the even-odd program to practice more advanced concepts?
A: Once you’re comfortable with the basic even-odd program, you can enhance it by implementing error handling for non-integer inputs, creating user-friendly interfaces, or exploring multithreading concepts for efficient processing of multiple numbers simultaneously.

Q6: Is the even-odd program relevant beyond learning programming basics?
A: Absolutely. While it’s a beginner-level program, the logic behind determining even and odd numbers is utilized in various real-world applications, such as data analysis, cryptography, and optimization algorithms. Understanding this concept is a stepping stone for more advanced programming challenges.

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