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LinkedList listiterator() method in Java

Last Updated on December 13, 2022 by Prepbytes

In this blog we will discuss the linked list listiterator method in java. Linked lists are generic data types and one of the most elementary data structures having a wide range of applications across various fields. Traversing the linked list involves iterating through the list starting from the head pointer to the next till one reaches the end. It operates in a chain-like fashion.

Approach and Algorithm of linked list listiterator method in java

listIterator() method

This method returns a list-iterator containing all the same elements as that of the given LinkedList, in the same sequence, starting from a specific index that is passed as a parameter to the listIterator() method.

Syntax of linked list listiterator method in java: ListIterator newlist= LinkedList.listIterator(int index)

Note: The index specifies the position form where the ListIterator will start operating and return values.

Return value: Returns the list made using the ListIterator, starting from the given index.

Code Implementation of linked list listiterator method in java

LinkedList: [Coding, is, Fun, 10, 20]
The list is as follows:

Time Complexity of linked list listiterator method in java: O(n), where n is the number of elements present starting from the given index, till the end of the list.


This article taught us a good explanation and how to use the linked list listiterator method in java. Java Collections is an important topic when it comes to coding interviews. If you want to solve more questions on Linked List, which our expert mentors at PrepBytes curate, you can follow this link Linked List.

FAQs related to the linked list listiterator method in java

1. Iterator is in which java package?
The iterator is in java.util package.

2. What does the parameter pass to the ListIterator function indicate?
The parameter passed to the ListIterator indicated the starting position from where the iterator starts operating.

3. What is the syntax for the ListIterator function?
ListIterator new_list = LinkedList.Iterator(int index);

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