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How can a Non-CSE student get placed IT/Software company in 2-3 months?

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Ria Pathak

This blog is of great use for students who are from Non-CSE branch and still have 2-3 months in hand before they appear for their dream company. Even if companies have started visiting your campus; DON’T WORRY. With continuous effort and hard work, you will get placed in a good software company.

P.S: This practice interview questions online blog is for students who are aiming for a package of 4-9 lacs in a good software company.

Being a Non-CSE student, you might not have done coding before or you might have just attended a C programming class in your first semester.

  1. In case you don’t have a practice of writing code, start solving coding problems. No need of going too much into tough algos unless you are preparing for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, DirectI, etc. Start with basic coding questions, the motive is to develop the habit of writing code and develop the ability to approach a code.
  2. You need to have considerable knowledge of few Computer Science subjects like Operating System, Data Structures Concepts, DBMS. These are the three very important subjects. It is good to know Computer Networks as well but OS and DBMS are more important to know.
  3. Take mock tests, solve lots of objective questions, go through previous interview experiences

Now the BIG Question!
So many things to do in just 2-3 months, How will I complete these many things in JUST 2-3 months?

Let me tell you what mistakes students generally do, and this is reality based on the many real instances.

  • They are confused about where to start coding and because some random blog or your senior asked you to practice coding, you pick up coding questions & start solving the same. It may happen you pick up a very difficult question and lose your hope & interest. Also, while you are coding you may face several difficulties and you have no one to help. ULTIMATELY YOU STOP CODING!

Talking about knowing the concepts of DS, DBMS, OS.

  • You can go onto the following respective books of these subjects but time is less and book has too many stuff some of which are really not important from placement perspective and hence you waste lots of time & get even more anxious.
  • You can ask one of your CSE friends to teach you the required stuff but the fact is your friend himself/herself must be in a hassle of placement. If you get such a friend it is great, else you will waste day after day waiting for an appointment with your friend.
  • You may go on to read important questions from the internet but that will only give the answers to those questions. There is a great chance that when real-time interviews happen you will be asked some other question or some conceptual question & you will fail to answer.
  • You go on to watch lectures available on the internet, but that again will just be tutorial of the subjects with lots of material which you do not even need to know taking lots of your time and you will still remain confused. 
  • You will spend hours searching for the right lectures for different subjects and with so many nonrelevant contents available it may happen that you waste lots of your time and you get nothing relevant. 

These are very small mistakes that thousands of students do, losing the opportunity of their dream placement or even worse they remain unplaced. 

Don’t ruin your chances and here is how Online PrepBytes Placement Preparation Program can help you in getting what you want?

  1. You are assigned a Mentor (IT/Software Industry expert) who will be there to clear all your doubts and guide you to build a roadmap for you You will get video lectures which are customized especially for you based on your aspirations in which you get to learn everything that is required for placement. Nothing less nothing more.
  2. Doubt sessions are scheduled to clear all your doubts which you face in video lectures.
  3. You get coding assignments every week and assignments are customized to make sure you remain interested and you keep on practicing.
  4. You get tests after every topic which helps you retain what you learned and also helps you clear objective placement tests.
  5. You get the mock interview to build & boost your confidence levels which will be taken by industry along with productive feedback on your strength/weakness/areas of improvement.
  6. Timely mock tests so that more you practice better is the chance of success.

So, don’t waste your time. Go on and register for  Don’t ruin your chances and here is how Online PrepBytes Placement Preparation Program before someone else takes up your job.

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