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How to prepare for an interview?

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Ria Pathak

The best way to practice for an interview is by giving interviews and getting real-time feedback.
Tips & techniques to perform well for Online Placement Preparation Program.:

Technical Knowledge:

Basic technical knowledge for the industry you are targeting is required in any interview. Even in the best possible scenario companies do ask students about their subject knowledge in search of right candidates Nervousness: 

Learn to overcome your nervousness, remember every candidate is nervous and terrified. You overcoming the nervousness and being confident will gain you an extra point at the beginning of the race only.

Enter confidently, a smile and a strong handshake is simple techniques for creating an impression of self-confidence.

Don’t know what they will ask?

This is the most daunting question for the candidates. Prepare for the past questions which has been asked along with the related topics. You cannot do more than this to make yourself relaxed and peaceful about the situation. Be practical and face it.

It’s not necessary that questions would be asked as per the previous pattern but it’s important to go through them once.

About yourself

Keep a prepared answer about yourself. Speak majorly about your academic background. Maintain a chronological order. Avoid speaking about family and personal stuff.


Know every point of your CV very well. Mention only those points which you know and can explain in detail when asked by the interviewer. Make different resumes for different types of companies. For e.g. for a company that majorly deals with ‘Networks’ keep the network-related section (if any course or internship) of your resume above and highlight it.
“What is this?”
“What was your contribution?”
…against every point in your resume and prepare an answer such that any layman would be able to understand it very easily.
Smart Tips: Keep a copy of your resume always along with you to revise in case you go blank.

Most importantly:

Prepare nicely by taking as many Mock interviews as possible. Keep the mock interviews very professional and within the scope. All the best and Keep in mind that you the best 🙂

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