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Wanting To Get Into Flipkart? Check Out Its Recruitment Process

Last Updated on July 7, 2022 by Ria Pathak

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company with headquarters in Bengaluru. It was founded in 2007 by Sachin and Binny Bansal. Before expanding into other product categories such as consumer electronics, fashion, home essentials and groceries, and lifestyle products, the company first specialized in book sales.

The service primarily competes with Amazon’s Indian subsidiary and Snapdeal, a domestic rival. Flipkart has a 39.5 percent market share in India’s e-commerce industry as of March 2017.

It is a firm believer in recruiting the best of the best. Flipkart, as an equal opportunity employer, provides a work environment that values diversity and inclusion. Their work culture is designed to promote a feeling of belongingness and to assist employees in creating a space where they can express their passion. The goal is to work together to come up with new ideas as a community.

It’s only fair to want to work at a company like that. So, what’s stopping you from landing a job in Flipkart as a software developer? Take one step ahead and enlighten yourself about the process & don’t forget to enroll in PrepBytes Placement Programs. Let’s start, shall we?

Find Out How You Can Apply At Flipkart


Create an online professional network for yourself, and connect with Flipkart employees to ask for an interview referral.


Flipkart makes campus visits to a number of large institutions as part of its campus placement program.

Mailing the HR executive

A well-written email, together with an outstanding cover letter and résumé, might sometimes get you through. You can send it to an HR executive immediately and wait for a possible chance.

Off-campus Drive

Flipkart also conducts off-campus drives where the company invites all the eligible candidates and has them go through a series of rounds. You have to keep track of the date of the interview, selection process, apply link, and procedure.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Computer Science B.E. or B.Tech., or any equivalent degree with at least one year of experience
  • Should have a good background in computer science Data Structures, algorithms, and their space-time complexity.
  • Excellent coding abilities with at least one general programming language, as well as extensive hands-on and practical experience.
  • Ability to develop very intricate and scalable business applications using programming language constructs
  • A solid background in computer science, high technical ability, and problem-solving skills
  • Working knowledge of databases and the Linux platform is a bonus.
  • Debugging skills are preferred.

Flipkart Recruitment Process For Software Developers

Aptitude Test

Candidates must answer 30 questions in 30 minutes for the aptitude test. The test is moderately difficult and does not have any negative grading. Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Time and Distance, Time and Work, Venn-diagram, logic & reasoning, and other topics are asked in this section.

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Online Coding Round

The online round is held on Hackerrank, and the candidates are given roughly three code problems, two of which are easy and one of which is difficult. Although the number of questions may change, the proportion of difficulty remains consistent. The entire round lasts about 60 minutes. Recursion, strings, trees, and graphs are commonly used in problems.

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Technical Round 1

This is a personal interview round that includes algorithmic questions on DS such as graphs, DP, matrices, and strings. On many occasions, puzzles are also asked, albeit they are usually basic problems with some modification. To pass this round, you’ll need a solid grasp of data structures.

Some example questions can be as follows:

  • Which is the fastest method to sort an almost sorted array?
  • What is a hash table? Explain how hash functions and buckets work.

Technical Round 2

This round is often a machine coding round, in which a specific problem is presented and the solution must be developed from scratch in any language of choice. The round will last 90 minutes, and at the conclusion, you should have a complete functional code with error handling.

Some questions in this round may look like this:

  • What is a hash table? Explain how hash function and buckets work.
  • In the given array of integers, find Pythagorean triplets.
  • Compute the nearest palindrome number of the given number.

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Hiring Manager Round

This round includes mostly difficult algorithmic and DS issues, primarily from trees, graphs, and linked lists, as well as a discussion of your projects, the technologies involved in them, and the challenges encountered, among other things. Some OS-related conceptual issues are also discussed.

HR Round

You can expect some standard HR questions in this round. The questions will be ranging from the basic introductory ones to asking about the family background to your goals, weakness, and strengths. The better your communication skills, the better the chances of clearing this round with flying colors.

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Why did you apply for a Flipkart job?
  3. How will you contribute to Flipkart?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In A Nutshell…

Flipkart is a market leader in the e-commerce sector. It focuses on online commerce for a variety of items, including books and gadgets. Category management, supply chain, and technology are the most prevalent areas of recruiting at Flipkart. Candidates with a high level of skill in computer science, as well as those with a degree of engineering in computer science or other disciplines, are routinely sought by the firm.

A quick tip: Keep working on your communication, problem-solving and technical skills and you will be good to go! All the best! Happy job hunting!

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