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Python Hello World Program

“Hello world” Feels like the first words from the programmer. For beginners to experts everyone who is having coding experience has started their journey from “Hello World”. In this blog, we will look into different approaches to print “Hello World” as the output.

“Hello world” Using print() in Python

For this, we’ll be using the print() function in Python. Python objects are printed as strings as standard output using the print() method.

Following is the syntax for the Python print function:

Syntax: print(“string”)

Where String: "Hello world" will be the string here.

print("Hello World")


Hello World

Printing “Hello World” Using sys

The sys module in Python offers a number of functions and variables that are used to manage various elements of the Python runtime environment, and we’ll be using it to print strings in this method. Due to its accessibility to variables and functions that have a strong relationship with the interpreter, it enables working on the interpreter.

Stdout is used to show output to the screen console using sys.std.write().

Syntax: sys.stdout.write(“string”)
import sys

sys.stdout.write("Hello World")


Hello World


This blog has tried to explain the various methods for the hello world program in Python. Hello World is the first program for coders to practice. It is a starting point for an amazing journey to become an excellent coder. For continuing more keep exploring PrepBytes.

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