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How to crack a job interview at Wipro? Know more about the recruitment process!

Last Updated on July 7, 2022 by Ria Pathak

Wipro is a multinational IT services company. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company’s primary function is that of an IT consulting and outsourced service provider. In addition, the organization offers significant technical knowledge and a vertically coordinated business strategy.

Wipro’s philosophy is "think and implement", which enables clients to execute business more effectively.

Some fun Wipro facts:

Wipro Limited (Western India palm refined oils limited) was established by "M.H. Hasham Premji" on 29 December 1945. It is the Western India Product Company, and it was founded with a vegetable oil business unit. Later on, it expanded into the production of soaps and other consumer goods services. In 1981, it entered the IT and computer business.

This company is now known across the world for quick service, a strong dedication to sustainability, and excellent corporate responsibility. They employ over 160,000 people who serve clients on six continents.

Do you also wish to enter Wipro and dream to create a great career in the company? We have got you covered with what the recruitment process of Wipro is like, what you need to be eligible for it, and ways you can apply for the interview.

Before you get started with reading ahead, we want you to participate in our Crest Placement Program to prepare for the Wipro Interview in the best possible way.

Apply for the Wipro Interview for a Software Developer role:

  • Visit the official website and check whether you are eligible for this drive. Once your application is reviewed by HR and if you fit the requirement, you will be sent the details about the venue and interview date.
  • If you attend a reputable college where these companies conduct campus placements. To pass the first round, all you need is some English and aptitude abilities. Then there’ll be a technical interview, in which you’ll be asked questions on your program’s fundamentals. Finally, a one-hour round will be held during which there will be little to do. HR may only ask you a few questions to determine your desire to work and whether or not you are eager to relocate.

Eligibility Criteria (Software Development)

  • B.E / B.Tech in all streams (ME/CIVIL/CSE/EEE etc.)
  • The candidate should have more than 60% marks throughout the academics.
  • The candidate shouldn’t carry any current backlogs at the time of appearing for the Wipro selection process.
  • The graduation must be a Full-Time course recognized by the Central/State government of India.

Aptitude Round

There are a total of 3 sections in the Aptitude Round i.e Quantitative, Logical and Verbal. With about 50-60 questions, this round will go on for about 50 minutes or so.

Section No. of Questions Time
Quantitative 16 16 mins
Logical 14 14 mins
Verbal 22 18 mins

Do you want to see if your aptitude game is strong? Test your skills now!

Essay Writing Round

There is no syllabus for essay writing as you will be assigned a topic right there and then.

An excellent Wipro essay should be able to cover the following:

  • It should be well-written and well-structured.
  • Proper phrasing (grammar, punctuations, and spelling errors should be checked).
  • Ideas should be unique and creative.
  • Vocabulary should be top-notch.

Our advice would be to proofread your content before submitting and avoid any lousy mistakes like grammar errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and maintain the length.

Technical Round

To pass this round, you must be well-versed in your fundamentals. It will be simple for you to pass the round if you are familiar with the core concepts. Because there is no set rule or subject from which questions will be asked, you must be well-versed in the fundamentals. To boost your odds, learn data structures and algorithms, database management systems, operating systems, networking, OOPs principles, and a programming language of your choosing. This round will be for about 60 minutes.

To sum up, just make sure you prepare on these lines:

  • Current Technological Trends.
  • OOPs Concepts.
  • Programming language-oriented topics.
  • SQL and DBMS.
  • Data Structures.

Practice interview coding questions from topics like Arrays, Recursion, Sorting, Searching, Linked List, and more.

Some example questions can look like this:

  • Which one out of (Stack, Queue) do u use for Infix and Postfix
  • What is indexing, what are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
  • What is DeNormalization, where does it have it's application
  • What are the Different Objects in DBMS

HR Interview

HR Interview is the final stage in selecting a candidate for employment since it helps identify an applicant’s personality. Questions might range from your introduction to your qualifications, experience, industry-specific experience, courses taken, strengths and weaknesses, pay expectations, friends and family, and so on.

Here are some questions that were asked from prior candidates:

  • Tell us anything about yourself that isn’t on your CV.
  • What makes you want to work at Wipro Technologies?
  • Give an example of a time when you had to work in a team. Did you have any difficulties when doing so?
  • What are your strengths and shortcomings in a few words?
  • Do you have any questions that you’d want to ask us?

In A Nutshell…

It is not simple to clear a software developer interview at any organization. There are a number of things to think about, including the questions that the organization often asks. Many individuals strive to acquire opportunities at major IT companies like Wipro, which is far from simple.

Wipro is hiring software developers, and if you want to land a job with Wipro, you’ll need to know how to ace the interview. With this, we hope that we were able to help clear your doubts about the Wipro recruitment process. Keep reading PrepBytes Blog to more informative content.

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